Friday, April 30, 2010

R.I.P. Will Owsley

As reported today, Will Owsley passed away on April 30, 2010. It's sad to hear.
R.I.P. Will. We will miss you.

I normally don't post official material, but if you don't know him, you should listen to the little compilation I did of this great musician who died too early:

RIP Will Owsley

Nik Kershaw

What do you know about Nik Kershaw?
Let's see... "Wouldn't It Be Good", "The Riddle", The 80s, One-Hit-Wonder. Anything else? No?
Let me help you: Nik Kershaw had huge success with his albums "The Riddle" and "Human Racing", after that his album sales went down. After his less successful album "Radio Musicola" in 1989 he disappeared as musician, but not as a songwriter. Chesney Hawkes "The One And Only", which he wrote and co-produced, went straight to number one in the UK in 1991.
In 1999 he decided to release music again under his own name. The albums "15 Minutes", "To Be Frank", You've Got To Laugh" and the new acoustic CD "No Frills" is something I can recommend warmly.


1983 Human Racing
1984 The Riddle
1986 Radio Musicola
1989 The Works
1999 15 Minutes (listen to: Somebody Loves You, Your Brave Face, What Do You Think Of It So Far, 15 Minutes)
2001 To Be Frank
2005 Then And Now
2006 You've Got to Laugh (listen to: Oh You Beautiful Thing, Loud Confident & Wrong)
2010 No Frills

Ron Sexsmith

I found Ron Sexsmith on the internet. The German newspaper SPIEGEL-ONLINE had an article (beware: the article is in german!) about him, they said that Sexsmith is a songwriter and performer, respected by critics, many famous artists like Paul McCartney or Chris Martin (who recorded a duet version of Sexsmiths song "Gold In Them Hills" with him) and music lovers, but unknown to the pop masses. That made me curious and I started to listen to his songs...

Sexsmith is from Canada, he started to write songs after the birth of his first child. His voice reminds the listener of Elvis Costello.
Some people would say he sounds a bit whiny. But some would say his songs are mellow and marvelous. I (and my girlfriend) say they are pure bliss.

Ron Sexsmith recorded to date eleven albums since his first proper record in 1991. I linked my recommendations in his discography below.


1991: Grand Opera Lane
1995: Ron Sexsmith
1997: Other Songs
1999: Whereabouts
2001: Blue Boy
2002: Cobblestone Runway
2003: Rarities
2004: Retriever (listen to: Imaginary Friends, From Now On, Whatever It Takes, Happiness)
2005: Destination Unknown
2006: Time Being (listen to: Hands Of Time, All In Good Time)
2008: Exit Strategy of the Soul (listen to: This Is How I Know, Brandy Alexander, Brighter Still)

If you want to listen to him live (I had the chance to go to one of his concerts), try this collection of songs:

Ron Sexsmith - Live Collection

And don't forget: Support the artists - buy their music!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


While listening to Rooney - a band formed in Los Angeles in 1999 - you will rediscover a lot of Jellyfish or The Beatles sound.

2003 Rooney
2007 Calling the World
2009 Wild One EP
2010 Eureka

Listen to their last EP - Wild One

You can order the new album "Eureka" (incl. autographed CD + T-Shirt) here:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Will Owsley - or Owsley - an american songwriter & producer released two CDs in 2000 und 2004, both have written powerpop all over:

Owsley - listen @

Sadly he stopped with his own music career and is now supporting other artists like Amy Grant.

Here's a little something to cheer those up who hoped for new material (like me) - a recording of a live performance from 1999:

Owsley - Live (1999)

Bleu - again

Last week (while expecting our baby any day...) there was an internet-stream of a Bleu gig. You still can watch it here:

For all who haven't got the chance to see Bleu live (like me from Germany), I converted & cut the concert into a live album - here it is:

Bleu - Live 2010 @ Ustream

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Another fav of mine: William James McAuley III, or short Bleu , is an american songwriter and musician. Besides his solo work (he has released three CDs: Headroom, Redhead and A Watched Pot) there are collaborations with Mike Viola (ELO, The Major Labels).

Bleu - No Such Thing As Love

Bleu - Come 'n' Go

A Watched Pot - Listen & buy at

(Ya Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar, How Blue!)

Not PowerPop - but worth watching! Trololo!

Eduard Khil is now 75 and has become a star - 30 years after his actual performance. The Russian sang a song without words (because of soviet censorship).
Now he has a hundred thousand of fans, a bunch of remixes and an iphone app:


And here's the remix! Listen!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Mike Viola

There are so many awesome artists - I will start with my current favorite: Mike Viola.
Most people will know him by the soundtrack for the movie "That Thing You Do" and the song of the same title.

What you SHOULD know about him (besides this great song) is his music as The Candy Butchers, his collaborations with another fav of mine - Bleu - in bands like LEO and The Major Labels, as well es his solo stuff. I suggest you start with

"Hang On Mike" by "The Candy Butchers":


"Lurch" by "Mike Viola"

Mike Viola - Hair Of The Dog (Live)


Where to start?

Some years ago, while I started to discover new musicians and bands by this new thing named ... internet, I found a lot of similar music I could not sort by a genre. The songs where very melodic, pop-like and beatlesesque but anyhow different. Years later I learned the genre was named PowerPop.

So, for everyone who is into this music and especially for those who still are not - I created this blog. I will talk about my favorite artists like Mike Viola, Bleu, Owsley, Ben Folds (Five), The Nines, Ben Kweller, Jason Falkner, Stephen Duffy & The Lilac Time, Brendan Benson, David Mead, Jim Boggia, Nik Kershaw and more.

And I will post rare stuff by these artists (and I hope that's okay for them), but no official released songs or albums.