Sunday, May 1, 2016

Owsley - The possibility of a third record

About a month ago I asked via Facebook:
Just a theoretical question: If there would be enough songs for a proper third record of Owsley, how many people would buy this record or would pay for a crowd funding?

Within 24 hours more than 120 people (just at this Facebook group) answered "YES". They would have bought at least this record, many of them wanted give more money just to get this record out.

Because of this, I thought a next step would be to start a poll and give you some samples of the songs that are already out in the world wide web (at various sources).

These are the songs that are already there. I excluded some collaborations and live recordings. So this is the attempt for a first track list. There are even more songs in the archives.

The biggest problem to get this record done are copyright questions and production costs. It could be helpful to estimate if financing of the record (e.g. by crowd funding) would work well or not. So please answer the poll below:

Would you buy a third Owsley record?

I'd buy the CD for about 20 USD
I'd buy the LP for about 35 USD
I'd buy the CD and LP for about 50 USD
I'd buy the record and stuff for 80 USD or more
I'd buy the record and stuff for 100 USD or more
I'd buy the record and stuff for more than 200 USD or more
Please Specify:

So everyone: let's cross your fingers we get this thing started (or better done).

Monday, March 28, 2016

Owsely - Discography

The Semantics - Powerbill Demos (1993)
01 Sticks and Stones
02 Future For You
03 Glasses and Braces
04 Johnny Come Lately
05 Coming Up Roses

The Semantics - One More Step (Demos - by PopFair / 1993)
01 Heart Attack
02 Simple Thing
03 Vegas
04 Standing Still
05 Pamela
06 One More Step
07 Jerry Deacon
08 Lonely Girl
09 Gone
10 She's So Clean
11 Victim for Somebody
12 Baby It's You
13 This One's For Me
14 The Facts of Life
15 Hippy Woman
16 Wildflower
17 Maria
18 Merry Go Round
19 Avalon

The Semantics - Powerbill (1993 recorded / 1996 released)
01 Sticks And Stones
02 Future For You
03 Coming Up Roses
04 Jenny Won't Play Fair
05 Average American
06 Don't Say Goodbye
07 The Sky Is Falling
08 Black And Blue
09 Johnny Come Lately
10 Life Goes On
11 Glasses And Braces

Owsley - Owsley (Original Version / 1998)
01 The homecoming song
02 Coming up roses
03 Good old days
04 Uncle john's farm
05 Sentimental favourite
06 Oh no the radio
07 Zavelow House
08 Sonny Boy
09 Class clown
10 Mess with me

Owsley - Coming Up Roses (Single / 1999)
01 Coming Up Roses
02 The Homecoming Song
03 Mess With Me

Owsley - Live in Newark (1999)

01 Intro
02 Oh no the radio
03 The homecoming song
04 Coming up roses
05 Uncle johns farm
06 Zavelow house
07 Sonny boy
08 Sentimental favourite
09 I'm alright
10 The sky is falling
11 Good old days
12 Class clown
13 Last Goodbye (live Jeff Buckley cover)

Owsley - Owsley (1999)

01 On No the Radio
02 I'm Alright
03 Coming Up Roses
04 Good Old Days
05 The Sky Is Falling
06 Sentimental Favorite
07 Zavelow House
08 Sonny Boy
09 The Homecoming Song
10 Uncle John's Farm
11 Class Clown
12 Band on the Run
13 Mess with me - Good old days (reprise)

Owsley - Live (2000)
01 Intro
02 Good Old Days
03 Sentimental Favorite
04 Coming Up Roses
05 Last Goodbye (Jeff Buckley)
06 Class Clown
07 Sonny Boy
08 Uncle John's Farm
09 I'm Alright
10 The Sky Is Falling
11 Zavelow House

Owsley - Acoustic Session (2003)
01 Be with you
02 Rise
03 Dude

Owsley - Live in Nashville (2004)
01 Intro
02 She's The One
03 Oh No the Radio
04 Dude (live)
05 Coming Up Roses
06 Zavelow House
07 Matriarch
08 My Old School (Steely Dan)
09 Rise
10 Down
11 Rainy Day People
12 Be With You
13 Good Old Days
14 Outro

Owsley - Live at Vintage Vinyl (2004)
Owsley - Live at Vintage Vinyl 04-03-2004 (complete concert - audio/video)

Owsley - The Hard Way (2004)

01 Be With You
02 Rise
03 She's the One
04 Dude
05 Down
06 Matriarch
07 Undone
08 The Hard Way
09 Dirty Bird
10 Rainy Day People
11 Got A Lot On My Head (Cars Tribute)

Owsley - Changes (Rare Songs - by PopFair / 2010)
01 Psycho
02 Changes
03 Mess With Me
04 Upside Down
05 Got a Lot on My Head
06 When Lonely Comes Around
07 Band On The Run
08 Leave it all behind
09 Endlessly
10 Won't get fooled again (live Seattle 2000)
11 Ruth Trimble and Will Owsley - May It Be

Ethos Music with Owsley (circa 2010)
01 Far from me
02 Fountain of Youth
03 Take Me to the Place

Owsley - Changes - Version 2 (Rare Songs - by PopFair / 2016)
01 Fountain of Youth
02 Psycho
03 Changes
04 endlessly
05 Far from me
06 Mess With Me
07 leave it all behind
08 Upside Down
09 Take Me to the Place
10 When Lonely Comes Around
11 Feel No Pain
12 Got a Lot on My Head

Chris Andrews & Owsley - Someone To Trust

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Honeydogs - Love & Cannibalism (Review)

The Honeydogs are back. Four years after What Comes After comes ... Love & CannibalismAdam Levy and his band recorded the album at The Pearl Studio in Minneapolis with producer John Fields (Semisonic, Rooney). Love & Cannibalism will be out April 16, 2016.

The album opens with a straight rocker: Vermillion Billows (Shouldn't Take It So Hard). Devices sums up classic Honeydogs sound with soul and jazz influences. Art & Vandalism goes into your ears and gets stuck in your brain (careful!) - it's such an ear-worm. Wheels has a classic (maybe 1970s) touch - the ending is magnificent. Gorgeous harmonies accompany Left Alone. Yet another bad-ass ear-worm. 
And then comes Sandstorm: My gosh - this is such a strong song. By the way: the intro reminds me of Bleu's Redhead. Again a hard rocking track: Blue-Backed Speller. The guitar work is stunning, reminds me sometimes of Brian May's Queen sound. 
Look Through The Sun (Photokeratits),Arguing With Fiction and Ordinary Legs are instant Honeydogs classics. I rest my case.  
The record finishes with a slightly seldom kind of album ending song: Little Sister is so positive - or better: it just makes you happy. The track mixes upbeat elements (I LOVE the chorus) with Caribbean sound.

For me Love & Cannibalism is the counterpart to Adam Levy's Naubinway from 2015. While Naubinway is sometime hard to get through because of its meaning (which is reflected in every song), Love & Cannibalism is straight, positive and full of joy.
Just to make sure: Don't get me wrong about Naubinway - I love the record (see my Top 10 list of 2015).

In my opinion there is not a single filler or skippable song on Love & Cannibalism. Every songs stands on his own. This may be one of the best things you can say about a record.

Listen (and watch the video) to "Arguing With Fiction" here:

You can and would do well to buy Love & Cannibalism at Bandcamp after its mid-April 2016 release.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Paul Steel - April & II (Update - March 13, 2016)

Paul Steel is back with a new record. The PledgeMusic campaign for April & II is out now.

Paul explains: 
"‘April & I’ the first time round was a pre-emptive teenage rebellion against all the musical sacrifices I suspected I’d have to make once I’d signed a record deal. That was in 2007. 
I’m nearly 30 now, I have facial hair, hypothyroidism, occasional back problems and I’ve been working as a commercial pop writer and producer where my own personal musical sacrifice has earned me a living.
However, more and more I’ve been craving that rush you get from making music for its own sake. After a few years of nothingness, I had a thought. Then shortly after another different thought appeared. Then another. And another. By the end of 2014 I could count at least 20 different thoughts and observations roughly speaking! This giddy feeling of infinite possibility and inspiration took me straight back to the ‘April & I’ days so it made sense for this new record to be a sequel."

BEWARE! Listen to the first song and you will HAVE TO pledge. It's stunning.

Update (March 13, 2016) - here is another song from the record:

Friday, March 11, 2016

Travis - Everything at Once

Travis are back - their latest full length record Everything at Once (Release: April 9, 2016) was produced by Michael Ilbert at the legendary Hansa Studios in Berlin.

Preview the first two tracks here:

Teddy Thompson & Kelly Jones - Little Windows

Teddy Thompson & Kelly Jones recorded an album together with the help of our co-writer Bill DeMain and producer Mike Viola. It’s called Little Windows and will be out April 1, 2016.

On their debut collaboration, Teddy Thompson and Kelly Jones give listeners ten engaging views of the joys and sorrows of love and the vagaries of the human heart - from wide-eyed wonderment ("Wondering") to lingering nostalgia ("I Thought That We Said Goodbye"), from promises ("Make A Wish On Me") and pleas ("Don't Remind Me") to sad self-deception ("Better At Lying").
Teddy and Kelly first sang together at LA's Club Largo in 2011. A George Jones song. The harmony blend was goosebump good. It seemed only natural to do more.
The songs create complex emotions with simple honesty, that measure up to those by favorite artists like the Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly and Sam Cooke.

Johnson & McAuley - Illuminated Dream

Alexz Johnson and Bleu team up for a new record: Johnson & McAuley - Illuminated Dream.


Track Listing: 
01 Illuminated Dream
02 The Promise
03 Heartbeat (Beatin’ You Up)
04 The Secrets You Keep
05 Diametrical
06 No More Fear

Pre-Order via PayPal:

US Shipping - Black Vinyl Album
International Shipping - Black Vinyl Album

US Shipping - PINK Opaque Vinyl Album
International Shipping - PINK Opaque Vinyl Album

Bleu - Won't Make It Out Alive

Won't Make It Out Alive is the new video of To Hell With You from Bleu:

Air Traffic Controller - Black Box

Serving in the US Navy as an air traffic controller, Dave Munro sent home demos written during deployment. Band mate Casey Sullivan met Dave soon thereafter, and the two founded Air Traffic Controller. Their third record BLACK BOX is out now.

Listen to BLACK BOX here:


BLACK BOX - digital

BLACK BOX - CD Digipack

Linda Perhacs - The Third Album

"Legendary" is a kind of inflationary phrase. But sometime it fits quite well: Linda Perhacs’ record Parallelograms is one of those. Released in 1970 it wasn't a big hits back then, but became a record in great demand. The original vinyl release was quite rare, but also quite badly pressed. Perhacs says: “I could only bear to listen to it once. I then threw my copy of my own record away.

In 2003 a CD release followed and in 2010 she began slowly again making music.
2014 - after 43 years - her second record finally was made. With producers (and Perhacs fans) Fernando Perdomo and Chris Price the stunning follow-up The Soul of All Natural Things was released.

Presently Perhacs will be self-releasing her third album. She has decided to go without a label to get the music straight to the people. Joining her on her new album will be co producers, Pat Sansone of Wilco and The Autumn Defense, and Fernando Perdomo. Guests will include Chris Price, Julia Holter, Jonathan Wilson, Durga McBroom, Michelle Vidal, Devendra Banhart and more.
Perks include signed CD's and LP's, Signed Lyric Sheets, Signed Guitars, Skype Sessions, and more.